What is mobile broadband Internet

As you can tell by the name, mobile broadband Internet offers you a great opportunity to use broadband Internet connection without being bound to wires. You can access it with your mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

How does mobile Internet work

If you use your mobile phone to access mobile broadband you will only need 3G- or 4G-enabled device for that. And if you need to connect via your laptop, you will need to get a dongle (special mobile Internet modem) or MiFi. You don’t need to go through any specific installation process – just plug a dongle into your USB port – and voila!

Major mobile broadband standards

There are generally 2 standards of mobile broadband Internet- 3G and 4G. 3G is still widely used but it is being replaced with a newer 4G standard. They mostly differ in the speed of data transmitting. 4G has the connection speed of up to five times faster than 3G, but this standard is still not so widely adopted. At the same time 3G is much slower but it is also much cheaper.

Mobile broadband benefits

Mobile broadband Internet gives you an opportunity to access the Internet on the move and use it for business and for entertainment. But at the same time it also can be used at your home as an alternative to a wired connection. There are various situations when you can use mobile Internet connection instead of cable or DSL Internet at home. For instance, it is very convenient if you are renting your flat and from time to time you change your place of residence. In some cases mobile connection is cheaper than wired connections and in some cases you just may not want to have additional wires at your home.

If you are hesitating because of additional hardware (dongle or USB modem), then most Internet service providers will give it to you for free for the whole duration of your contract with them. And if you want to use your mobile broadband connection on several devices, you will need to choose a MiFi. This small unit creates a hotspot that can be shared between several devices.

Mobile broadband Cons

Mobile broadband Internet is available only in those regions where mobile phone network is available. So if you have no coverage for mobile phones in your area, you don’t have access to mobile broadband. This problem is mostly typical for Western states of the U.S. There are not much people living there comparing to other states, so mobile network companies set up transmitting towers in this region very reluctantly.

The speed of a mobile broadband Internet is still lower comparing to wire Internet. So if you want to play games online or watch full HD videos this type of Internet connection may not be enough.

How to choose mobile broadband package

The best option will be to make a research regarding all mobile broadband providers available in your area. And then you should compare their major conditions – the speed, the price and availability of additional hardware if you need it (dongles, MiFi).

Another useful activity would be to check reviews about your potential Internet service provider in the Internet. And if you already have mobile broadband connection you can test its actual speed in the Internet with special online checkers.