Terms of Service

Welcome to Multitest!

Thank you for using our service for Internet Connection selection and sharing (hereinafter Service). By using our service you agree to these Terms of Service (hereinafter Terms). Please read them carefully. Service administration (hereinafter Administration), service providers, submitting the information in the Service (hereinafter Providers), and individuals (including employees of the respective companies) using the information about service (hereinafter Users) have entered into this agreement as follows:

Service Usage

Using the service of (but not limited by) online-order, phone calls, e-mails or any other means, the subscriber accepts the Terms and agrees with them. Users must comply with all the conditions that you should read before using the Service. Do not use the service in a bad way. In particular, do not try to interfere in its work or to access it bypassing standard interface and our instructions. Use the Service in accordance with law uniquely. If you violate the Terms and Conditions or if we suspect you of having it done, we may suspend or terminate your access to the Service. User is not allowed to do the following:
  • Submit advertising information on the resource;
  • Use offensive or violent language to insult other users;
  • Post reviews or other information containing false data or misleading other users;
  • Take any action aimed at making harm to the service and to its infrastructure.
The administration has discretion to restrict the access to any information submitted by User:
  • Delete any content submitted by User and User's account;
  • Refuse to register User’s account, an account that was previously removed as a violation of Terms;
  • Take measures against Users who violate the Terms.

Privacy Policy

When filling out an application for a connection or a callback, user gives his permission to process personal data by the Service without limiting the scope of data and terms of its treatment. The user confirms the notification of rights associated with the storage and processing of personal data as defined by applicable law to people who receive their personal data and assume purposes of data collection, in particular:
  • Ensuring the realization of relations in the sphere of Internet connection and compliance with current legislation;
  • Statistical research, the results of which can be published in any manner, as well as to third parties without disclosure of personal data and other commercial purposes;
  • Achieve other objectives stated in the Conditions.
The administration may use the recorder of user calls to improve the quality of service. When the user accesses the Service, his messages can be stored to solve problems faster afterwards. User reviews of providers and service left via website or telephone can be placed within the website with user name, address or connection icon. Service administration can use the email address specified in the order form or obtained on authorization via third-party websites for sending electronic messages to users. Administration service can apply tracking tools and usage statistics of Service as well as conversion tracking on the pages of Service. Administration ensures that in this case the received data will not be used for any other purpose. By submitting e-application data, user gives his consent to the processing of personal data in order to provide services, and confirms about notified inclusion of personal data into the database. To simplify the usage, Service Administration may obtain and use information about your actual location, including GPS data sent to mobile devices. 

Limitation of liability

We provide service on the basis of economically justified level of functionality and support. The administration makes no other warranties with respect to the Service, other than those provided in the Terms of Use. The service is provided as it is. The administration does not bear any responsibility for any direct or indirect loss or damage caused to users or third parties by Service usage. The overall responsibility of the Administration cannot exceed the cost of services rendered to the user. Administration is not responsible for the quality and performance of the equipment ordered in case if a user has unlicensed software as well as in the event of power surges and other operational faults. Administration is not responsible for the discrepancy between expected and real services received by User. Service administration is not responsible for the accuracy and terms of providing the information by your ISP. Provider who submitted information within the Service independently represents and defends its interests arisen due to connection of this information to third parties. All rights to logos and trademarks belong to their respective providers. The information in provider’s profile as well as its rates is provided by your ISP or based on the information from official sites. Services ordered by users are considered to be provided fully and properly if within three working days after the expiration of services provision terms User does not submit a complaint. In case there is no complaint, the act of acceptance-delivery of the works (services) provided is considered to be signed, and the services provided properly. We reserve the right to create, modify or cancel the Terms.