What is broadband Internet connection

Broadband Internet access means high-speed Internet access with a wide bandwidth data transmission. The main feature of broadband technology is that it allows transmitting multiple signals and traffic types simultaneously. This term is mostly used as a contrary to dialup Internet access which uses just one single line. So in the strict sense almost all modern Internet connections are broadband ones.

Types of broadband Internet connections

There are several types of broadband Internet connections depending upon the medium used for signal transmission. The most popular hardwired broadband Internet connections include:

  • Cable Internet

  • This is the most popular home broadband Internet access type in the U.S. Many Internet service providers offer it bundled with cable TV at cheaper prices. It perfectly covers all the needs of a common home user and provides enough speed at an affordable price.

  • Fiber optic Internet

  • Fiber optic Internet is more popular with businesses rather than with homes. It requires glass fiber as a medium for data transferring. With this type of connection electrical signals are converted into light and this light is sent via glass fiber to the receiving units. It allows transferring large amounts of data really fast. But fiber optic cables are quite expensive and at the same time for the majority of users such speeds are excessive.

  • DSL Internet

  • DSL uses traditional copper telephone line to transmit the signal. The advantage of this option is that you don’t need any additional wires to be mounted at your home. You can use your Internet access and telephone line simultaneously, because Internet signal and phone line signal are being transmitted at different frequencies. And the speed of a DSL connection will be enough for the majority of users.

  • Wireless broadband Internet

  • The two most popular types of wireless broadband Internet connections are satellite and mobile Internet.

  • Satellite broadband Internet

  • Broadband satellite Internet is the slowest type of broadband connections. The installation cost is also quite high, but the ongoing monthly fees for satellite Internet are quite competitive comparing to cable Internet. At the same time in remote places and rural areas it is in many cases the only Internet access option available.

  • Mobile broadband Internet

  • Mobile Internet is delivered to you via your mobile device. It allows you to stay mobile and use your Internet on the move and at the same time offers you quite high speed at quite affordable price.

How to select the most appropriate broadband type

When deciding what broadband Internet connection will best suit your needs, you should take into account several factors. First, you should check what connection types are generally available in your area. Broadband internet availability can be checked online on our website.

Second, you should check how available connection types are packaged with other solutions that you are already using. For example if you have cable TV you can check cable Internet options with your cable TV provider. If you have landline phone, check with your provider if they can offer you DSL access.

Third, compare speeds and prices for each type of access available in your area. You surely don’t want your broadband connection to be too slow, but at the same time you do not want to pay for excessive capabilities and the potential that will stay unused.