What is high-speed Internet

High-speed Internet access is a synonym for broadband Internet access. Generally it refers to any type of Internet access service faster than a dialup modem. Any type of Internet connection has 3 main parameters – download speed, upload speed and latency.

If you are mostly going to download content from the Web (videos, music, images and other media content), pay special attention to download speed. Upload speed is not so important for such needs. But if you are going to upload large amounts of data to the Web, play modern games online or install a server at your home and host websites there, you should also check the upload speed of your connections.

Latency is another very important parameter of each Internet connection. It generally means the delay and indicates how long it takes the data to travel from its source to its destination. High latency rate can make even fast Internet connection feel slow. The highest latency have usually satellite Internet connections and the lowest latency has cable Internet.

Types of high-speed Internet

There are generally two types of high-speed Internet connections – wired connections and wireless ones. They, in turn, are divided into several subtypes. Wired connections include cable Internet, fiber optics Internet, DSL access. Most popular high-speed wireless Internet connections are mobile Internet, WIMAX, Wi-Fi, satellite Internet.

How to select the most appropriate type of Internet connection

Many Internet service providers offer different packages of high-speed Internet services even with one single type of connection. The higher the speed is, the more money you are charged for that. But how do you know what speed will be enough specifically for your needs?

Many users do ask questions like “How fast Internet do I need?” If you are generally going to use your Internet connection for some basic activities like Email checking, web browsing, streaming of music and video in standard definition then most likely it will be enough to order Internet access package with download speed of up to 4 Mbps. However, sometimes you may experience some delays with content delivery (buffering).

Download speed of 4-10 Mbps allows file sharing and IPTV service (Internet TV). But if you want play games online you may not get smooth experience with such a speed.

Download speed of 10-50 Mbps will provide comfortable Internet access for several users simultaneously. So your kids may play online games while you will be watching a movie online.

How to check the speed of your Internet

Sometimes your actual Internet speed is less than the declared speed in your pricing plan. This can happen due to several reasons – your provider may try to save money on equipment and connect too much people to one and the same hub, there might arise some technical issues with the equipment, etc. The reason is not so important because this is the problem of your provider.

The only thing you should care of is that you have to get what you have paid for. If you have any doubts regarding the speed of your Internet access, you can check it via special online speed checking tools.